Technicians/Supervisors/Engineers/Specialist for an upcoming project in Kazakhstan

We are seeking the following for an upcoming project in Kazakhstan.
More info/applications please send CV to:

Please state clearly in the subject line which position you are applying for.

1. Instrument Commissioning Technician
2. Electrical Commissioning Technician
3. Telecom Commissioning Technician
4. Mechanical Commissioning Technicians

5.Instrument Commissioning Supervisor
6. Electrical Commissioning Supervisor
7. Telecom Commissioning Supervisor
8. Mechanical Commissioning Supervisor

9.    Instrument Commissioning Engineer
10. Electrical Commissioning Engineer
11. Telecom Commissioning Engineer
12. Mechanical Commissioning Engineer
13. Welding Supervisor

14.  Commissioning Planner
15.  Preservation Specialist

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