Shift Manager Job Hub Power Plant

Detailed Job Description:
 Lead the Plant Operations to ensure that internal operation interfaces with other departments and external contractual interface with customer, fuel supplier and plant owners (Wapda, PSO and Hubco) are managed effectively in terms of power purchase, fuel supply and operations & maintenance agreements.
 Manage the shift teams in their duties and daily operations of the plant, general safety including Safety Rules System for employees and contractors and safety coordination across the station boundaries. Conduct Safety Rules authorization assessments.
 Ensure that the Operations department responds effectively to the operational demands of the station whilst minimizing those elements of unit cost which are within the Production department’s immediate control.
 Implement all operational policies and practices which secure optimum thermal efficiency, commercial availability and operational economy, supporting these activities as appropriate with effective loss-control practices.
 Follow up on Management of Change Process from Operation side and coordinate DuPont alignment implementation in next phase. Conduct RCA & Investigation within the department & support others as operations representative.

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