Senior Production Technologist

Production Technology• Provide comprehensive Production Technology expertise to the subsurface study teams in the Petroleum Engineering organization and assist in field development studies, development plan revisions and so ensure optimal exploitation of hydrocarbons;• Ensure technical quality of PT inputs and deliverables including calibrated well inflow and outflow models for planning new wells, production enhancement an coordinate WRFM surveillance activities on existing wells (example PLTs, caliper logs, well stimulations, fraccing design and optimization);• Provide detailed well programmes any well interventional/operations and perform operational duty during operations;• Make recommendations and provide completion requirements, well integrity management, well reliability and conformity management, artificial lift requirements;• Ensure compliance to Well Integrity Policy and be accountable for well integrity;• Aids the integrated operation system and so full field production delivery with production system debottlenecking efforts, well delivery optimization, integrating reservoir and production system simulations;• Co-ordinate with all relevant service providers to ensure that all services provided are properly documented, checked, and entered into company data base system;• Prepares high quality written and verbal technical reports and presentations for management review;• Ensure a timely delivery of production technology deliverables;• Supervise junior engineers and trainees.

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