Process Control Specialist

Job Description
To manage efficient process control support day to day operation with due consideration to safeguard and ensure stable operations while meeting product quality requirements
Lead process control support as the Process Control Manager for projects. The work will be carried out in according with the mandatory project but there are many aspects of the job e.g. multi-licensor, green and brown filed modifications, working in live plant area, project time limitation, vendor management, deviations from project specification that require a high level of judgement and interpretation, cost optimization but not compromise to safety and reliability and coaching/supervising/managing process control team member.
To provide recommendation and advice to ensure that high quality process control is consistently, effectively and adequately given to
Operations personnel to stabilize the entire refinery operations both during normal and abnormal situation of equipment/ process, covering all refinery, petrochemical/chemical, lube base and power plant area.
Project department during project development, design and implementation
Instrument department in control loops commissioning, safeguarding and maintenance
Other department in giving comments on ICR, HAZOP study, IPF classification and alarm management during configuration studies, scouting feasibility, and definition phases as well as during further implementation
To ensure effectiveness of day to day process control activities. Support troubleshoot, and tune existing control loops, safeguarding functions, lead root cause analysis and alarm management in all Area Production Units
To jointly with operations, technologists, engineers and other site functions to formulate new control strategies which improve plant stability and safeguarding to reach the throughput target, product quality control or related operating objectives
To ensure basic engineering design in control aspects for each control issues by providing best practice, expertises and recommendations.
To develop, design, implement and maintain safeguarding system, control systems
To point out opportunities or suggest for enhancement and/or replacement of the existing control systems and safeguarding to ensure that technology competitiveness is maintained
To enhance subordinator knowledge skills and competencies by coaching, being internal trainer and provide regulary performance feedback. To refer to company’s QSHE’s policy guidelines when performing, supervising, managing assigned tasks to ensure that QSHE objectives are met with high performance.
To ensure high quality process control and safeguarding design and implementation (for example PFD/P&ID review, HAZOP study, SIL review, Advanced and Complex control design, Design plant-wide process control system and associated application, Alarm Prioritization and etc in EPC including testing phased until commissioning) with the aim that technical integrity, availability, reliability and optimization meets project objective and goals.
Responsible for ensuring that the process control team delivers safe and reliable design and engineering by working in an integrated manner with the project team to ensure a smooth project-to-asset transition.
To provide process control expertise to support all expansion projects
Prepare and review technical documents related to the design and development of process control procedures.
Conduct detailed calculations to determine technical specifications and calibrations for control system hardware and software.
Review and recommend alternatives for process control materials and equipment that are cost effective and meet HSSE standards.
Act as subject matter expert to operations during implementation.
Develop controls documentation and manuals for maintaining optimal equipment performance while adhering to HSSE standards of safety.
Experience: 10+ years in process control (control, safeguarding and alarm management) especial during EPC/testing/commission project phase.
We are searching for a Principal or Lead Process Control Engineer who has a strong process control knowledge including refinery experience and experienced in world scale refinery and petrochemical project.
He/she will need to be a qualified engineer with an appropriate degree in instrument and process control engineering or equivalent.
To be successful in this role he/she will have good people managing skills combined with a broad understanding of discipline engineering in an operating environment.

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