Mechanical Supervisor

JOB OPPORTUNITY: Mechanical Supervisor ( Power/Chemical Plant Experienced Only)

Expertise area:
1. Piping installation.
2. Equipment installation.
3. Structural installation.


Job description:

1.   Participates actively to the site safety
2.   Observes and ensures construction practices as required for compliance of construction operations.
3.   Resolving work problems and recommending measures to improve productivity and product quality
4.   Ensuring standards for safe working conditions are observed -Ensure quality of work carried out by the contractor
6.   Internal walk down & Punch List preparation of piping.
7.   Welding joints of various materials like CS, SS, Alloy etc. inspection.
8.   Witnessing Welder Qualification Tests (WPQ).
9.   Preparation and review of NCR piping and equipment.
10.  Witnessing Inspection Hydro tests & Pneumatic tests & service test and ensuring compliance with the approved test packages.

11.  Final spool inspection from shop to field.
12.  Prepare and maintain the update of periodic reports requested by the management.
13.  Witnessing chemical cleaning and water flow test filling the salt to cold tank steam blowing air blowing ACC cleaning and start-up of the plant.

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